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Object-Oriented Programming Basics: What is in a Class?

EDITORIAL NOTE : This article was published briefly back in 2016 and quickly set back to draft because I wasn't happy with its contents. It is a shame that it was taking me three years to revisit this topic and work on a new and improved version. At least, I'm hoping it will be to the liking you the reader. Keep in mind that the opening paragraph will still read as if I just wrote it for my (former) students at Texas Wesleyan. I started working on lecture on the topic of Object-Oriented (OO) Programming by gathering some material, old and new, when I realized this might be good and simple post for my second attempt at blogging. To be completely honest, in the 8 hours I spent collecting information and preparing material for this week's lecture, I realized I still made some of the mistakes I am about to blog about. I am actually hoping I can write a series of postings regarding Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). But to do so, I must start from the very beginning.