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How to create Javadoc comments

This document is a summary of the information found on the Oracle website: My goal is to give you a summarized version of the following topics: ·          What is Javadoc and why is it needed? ·          How to document your code using Javadoc ·          How to generate Javadoc documentation ·          How to publish Javadoc What is Javadoc and why is it needed? In simple terms, Javadoc is a tool for documenting your code in HTML format. Because this documentation is in HTML, it can be easily uploaded to a web server and made available online for the whole world to see. An example of this is the Java API ( ). For many developers, one of the selling points of Java over other languages like C++ was in fact Javadoc. Why? If you consider one of the most common libraries in C++, stdio, most of the documentation found online is