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Java Keywords (Part IX): Switch Statements

We are up to 26 grayed out keywords! Considering that the two keywords with asterisks are not going to be covered, that's 54% keywords covered. With those keywords, you can write simple classes that can do all sorts of tasks. You can change the flow of operations by using flow-control keywords like if/else and loop operations using for, while, and do/while. You can also skip iterations while looping or terminate loops early by using continue and break respectively. This blog will illustrate a more effective way (in certain cases) to change flow of operations by using the keyword switch . I suggest that if you have not read any of the articles in Java Keyword series, go back read them before proceeding further. Also, go back and read the one about Data Types. All of these articles are from September 2018. That should help you find them quickly. You can also use the "search" option at the top of this page. Java keyword list abstract continue for ne