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Java Keywords (Part VIII): Skipping Loop Iterations and Escaping Loops

This should be a short one. This blog deals with the use of only two keywords: break and continue . The Java keyword list has 24 keywords grayed out. That almost 50% of keywords covered by these series of articles. I suggest that if you have not read any of the articles in Java Keyword series, go back read them before proceeding further. Also, go back and read the one about Data Types. All of these articles are from September 2018. That should help you find them quickly. You can also use the "search" option at the top of this page. Java keyword list abstract continue for new switch assert default goto * package synchronized boolean do if private this break double implements protected throw byte else import public throws case enum instanceof return transient catch extends int short try char final interface static void class finally long strictfp volatile const * float native super while