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Java Keywords (Part XI): Throwing Exceptions

We are up to 32 keywords covered in previous articles! That's 67% keywords covered. We have only 16 keywords to cover and I will be covering 2 of those in this article. This article will illustrate the use of the keywords throw and throws , in Java Exception Handling. It will not get into specific usages of Exception Handling. For that, please go to my article covering this topic. Also, be on the lookout for a new article covering other facets of Java Exception Handling, such as "try with resources." I suggest you start with Java Keywords (Part I) before proceeding further, if you have not read any of the previous articles in the Java Keyword series. Also, go back and read the one about Data Types. All of these articles are from September 2018. That should help you find them quickly. You can also use the "search" option at the top of this page. The series was written with natural progression in mind. Therefore, some of the keywords already co